No Purchase Necessary

A calendar year without acquiring goods


Ep. 8 - The Checkout

Friday Jul 26, 2013

Friday Jul 26, 2013

Big shout out goes to Nate Ballard for making us finish this podcast. Now six months after recording this episode you can hear us talk about six months worth of no purchasing before that! We fail to focus on a question from my aunt, and discuss with trepidation going forward into a year of commerce. Thanks, goodbye, go do something impressive yourself for a year.

Ep. 7 - June Gloom

Thursday Jul 18, 2013

Thursday Jul 18, 2013

Back from summer adventures Darius and Cavedon settle back into life in Los Angeles for better or worse (there is a fight). And as always with some narrow/unfair interpretation of the rules for not buying stuff (‘investing’ and ‘subscribing’ loopholes).
Listen to this penultimate episode a year after it was recorded, and enjoy a song to remember us by!

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